Financial Reporting Protocol

  1. The audit report summary will be posted on USDF’s Web site August 1st of each year for the immediate past fiscal year.
  2. A non-audited quarterly financial summary will be placed on the Web site. The posting target date will be 30 days following the end of each of the first three quarters within the current fiscal year. The reports will track the budget year-to-date.
  3. Staff will publicize in the USDF Connection - bulletins section, that a given financial is available for review on the Web.
  4. Hard copies of financial reports will be available upon request from the office for a fee of $20 per report.
  5. At the annual convention, the previous fiscal year audited financials, as well as the most recent quarterly reports for the current fiscal year, will be made available free, upon request.
  6. The USDF Audit Committee and Executive Board will be sent a copy of the quarterly financial reports and year-end audited financials within fourteen days of their completion.
  7. The USDF Treasurer will give financial reports at the annual Board of Governors meeting.